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A Xeden Account is valuable bringing you the many benefits of membership in the Xeden Cloud and use of the Xeden Digital Rights Exchange. A basic account and membership is free and will be valuable and useful throughout your life.

The Xeden Cloud provides media management for individuals as well as organizations ranging from secure storage to editing, streaming, and collaboration.

The Xeden Digital Rights Exchange provides legal access to digital media protected by copyright laws. In a world where growing concerns and new legislation requires attention be paid to the issuing and receiving proper permissions for digital media - XedenX provides exactly that.

Before you apply...

All applicants will be asked for a valid email address. This will be your initial login and the address Xeden will use to validate your account application and activate your new account. It is recommended you read the Terms of Use. Your application signifies you have read these terms and agree with them.

Your Xeden Account has several upgrade options that depend upon how you choose to use either the Xeden CLoud or the Xeden Digital Rights Exchange - XedenX.

Click Here to Accept the Terms and Apply for Your Xeden Account


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